Are you in need of home repair and do you meet the income guidelines

HUD income guidelines 2019

Family Size Minimum (30%) monthly income Maximum (60%) monthly income
One $1217 $2435
Two $1392 $2780
Three $1567 $3130
Four $1738 $3475
Five $1880 $3755
Six $2017 $4035
Seven $2158 $4310
Eight $2296 $4590

What is expected of you

Each applicant is expected to contribute 8 hours of “Sweat Equity” labor.  “Sweat Equity” labor is above and beyond the material price set for the home. These hours should be worked on the renovation of his/her own home or some other authorized task assigned by the Affiliate.  Other authorized task(s) (Keeping bathroom facilities available to volunteers on event day, filling paint trays, making cookies).  8 hours of “Sweat Equity” labor is expected to be performed during and after the event.

Some materials are donated to Habitat.  However, you must pay for materials that aren’t donated but are needed for the repair.  However, you may qualify for a grant or no interest loans.

Other eligibility requirements

  • You must own and occupy the home where repairs are needed.
  • You must be current on real estate taxes.
  • You must provide all copies of income, I.D. and a divorce decree if applicable.