Home Ownership Program

You can own a home!  It’s a hand up, not a hand out!

Habitat provides home ownership opportunities for those who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage.  Habitat builds houses in partnership with qualifying families using as much donated material and labor as possible.  Zero percent interest mortgage loans helps to make a home truly affordable. The monthly payments that are made go toward building another home. Families purchase helps build other families homes as well as their own.

Need for housing

Are you living in run down conditions or in a dangerous neighborhood or paying to much for rent or sharing a bedroom between many people.

Ability to pay

Monthly expenses (including long term debt) must be manageable and family income must meet the HUD income guidelines.

Family Size Minimum (30%) monthly income Maximum (60%) monthly income
One $1267 $2535
Two $1450 $2900
Three $1629 $3260
Four $1808 $3620
Five $1954 $3910
Six $2100 $4200
Seven $2246 $4490
Eight $2387 $4780

Willing to Partner

Willingness to complete sweat equity hours, make monthly payments on time and attend Habitat for Humanity activities.

What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity is hours spent by:

  • Working on construction sites, the Habitat office or ReStore.
  • Attending required homeowner classes.
  • Helping with Habitat events.

Required hours: 300 hours for one adult or 500 for two adults.

How do I apply

You may begin the application process by filling out the Habitat pre-application listed below.  If chosen by the Family Selection committee, you will be contacted to fill out further documentation.  Be sure to fill out the need description thoroughly in order to be considered by the committee.